Environmental health (EH) is ubiquitous but not very easy to see. It is how the environment impacts our health, and how different populations feel the effects of their environment differently. EH professionals are the people making sure that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat (to name a few things) sustain us rather than harm us.

We want to inspire environmental health professionals to move towards open data and technology by presenting innovative solutions to EH problems. By hosting an app challenge, we are bringing a whole new technology-focused dimension to EH by showing that EH does not need to fit a traditional definition, but can continue to grow. By integrating technology and data into EH we are promoting a move towards innovative solutions that will protect public health.

Challenge statement: Create an app that helps to achieve one of the environmental health objectives, as identified by the Department of Health and Human Services. We encourage participants to utilize the CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network Data as a source of information for apps. We also encourage the use of Esri's ArcGIS software, though it is not mandatory. We believe that the partnering of technology, EH, and government tracking data will send a powerful message that shows the potential for the partnering of these fields.

Useful Resources:



CDC Environmental Public Health Tracking Network API 



Teams of one to six individuals can register to participate in the app challenge. 

Participant(s) must be at least 18 years of age.

All apps must be built from scratch during the time of the app challenge.

Participants cannot submit apps on behalf of a large group, organization or company.


To be considered for judging, each team must present a functioning application by 7:00 pm est on May 16, 2016. 

The application you or your team submit must:

  • be a website, mobile or desktop application
  • have been developed solely as part of this app challenge
  • be a completed working application at the time of submission


What else do I submit?

  • An Overview Video that explains your app's premise, the target audience and user (e.g. environmental health professionals, health departments, consumers, etc.), how it accomplishes an environmental health objective, its key features and an introduction of your team
  • An App Instructions document that explains how to use your app
  • An Entry Summary (100 words) that describes your team and app to be used in future promotional materials

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$6,000 in prizes

First Place

Along with a $3000 cash prize, a representative of the team will attend the 2016 NEHA AEC and Healthy Homes Conference in June to present their app in front of an audience of industry and EH professionals in San Antonio, Texas.

Second Place

$2000 cash prize

Third Place

$1000 cash prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Step 1: Register for the app challenge on this DevPost page

Step 2: Check out these EH objectives and CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network API to identify your objecive

Step 3: If you will be using ArcGIS to create your app, register for the free ArcGIS Online development and testing subscription 

  • Click the Sign Up button and create your account
  • Enter your Profile and select Redeem Voucher
  • Enter the code: APPNEHA and you'll receive additional credits for testing and development!

Step 4: Stay up to date with reminders and resources during the app challenge


Patrick Wall

Patrick Wall
CDC Environmental Health Tracking Network

Mark Headd

Mark Headd

David Chang

David Chang

Michael Ogletree

Michael Ogletree
Denver Department of Environmental Health

Becky Elias

Becky Elias
Seattle and King County Environmental Health

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Does the app help to achieve an environmental health objective?
  • Innovation
    Is this a new app that achieves an environmental health objective in a creative way?
  • Design
    Is the app easy to use and appeal to the end-user?
  • Technical Achievement
    Does the app work correctly and did the participant(s) accomplish a technical achievement?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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