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What does isSmoothed really mean? Can you give an example of this on a specific metric? The user guide doesnt help in clarifying this... thanks.

o Requires either a one or zero (true or false) for having data that is geographically
� 0 (false): returns unsmoothed data
� 1* (true): returns smoothed data
o An empty data set returns if a measure does not have smoothing as an option; measures
with smoothing available are listed in the Data API Discovery Guide
o NOTE: the majority of measures do not have smoothing value

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    Smoothing is a mathematical formula that is applied to the data that compares each geographic data point to its surrounding geographies and modifies it up or down. This has the effect of removing extremely high or low values from the dataset at that geographic level. So for a county map of California some counties may have low population which leads to extremely low counts of a health effect. Some of the datasets, such as birth defects or CO poisonings would then have a large number of counties suppressed (for confidentiality). By smoothing the counties for these datasets we can show a map that still contains the “pattern” of what is happening in California even though the numbers are no longer exact. It’s simply to help visualize on a map or chart, and avoid large numbers of counties being blank on the screen.

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